Frequently Asked Questions

How much wallpaper do I order?

I recommend having a professional installer measure for the most accurate measurements and quantity. However, if you want to measure yourself, take the height and times it by the length to get the square footage. For grass cloths you would divide your square footage by 25 and it would give you how many single rolls you would need. All rolls are packaged in double rolls. For most other wallpapers with a pattern, you would take your square footage and divide by 20.

How do I prepare my walls for new wallpaper?

If you have textured walls, there are 2 ways to prep your walls. 1st, is to install a liner paper that will take away up to 80% of the texture and then you can install your new wallpaper right over the liner paper. 2nd, is to float out your walls with hot mud, 2 coats, sand and prime. This process is more time consuming a lot messier, but you will have smooth walls for the finish product.

How do I strip existing wallpaper?

First try to strip your existing wallpaper dry with a xacto knife. If it coming off in little pieces, they take a product called Dif stripper and apply to the wallpaper. Let it sit a while, spray multiple walls and then go back and spray again. This product helps release the glue from behind the existing wallpaper to help remove it.

What about priming?

All walls to receive new wallpaper should be primed. I prefer an oil based primer such as Benjamin Moore’s fresh start oil primer. An alternative is their advanced primer. It is a hybrid oil primer. Goes on like oil, but cleans with water and low odor. By priming with oil, it allows the wallpaper to go up the best possible way and also ensures that when you want to remove your wallpaper, it will come off without destroying your walls.

How adhesives work?

For installation of most wallpaper except vinyl, a clear strippable paste is recommended. This paste is especially good for delicate wallpaper that you cannot wash or get anything on the face of the paper. For vinyl, a heavy duty clay based paste is recommended. This paste can hold the weight of the vinyl.