Owner Bio

Lisa Burgess

I began Burgess Browne Wall Covering Designs in 1981, incorporating painting and wallpaper hanging into interior design. I've worked for Lockheed Martin, NASA, Marriott Hotels and countless others, as well as with builders, designers and homeowners to create inviting spaces full of charm and lasting impressions.

In the early 90's I decided that high end interiors were my passion. To that end I worked mostly in private homes, working with high end products. I have successfully hung DeGournay, Coutan and Tout, Phillip Jeffries and many other top brand wallpapers. I also provide installation of paper-backed fabrics. I offer a high level of proficiency, quality and professionalism in my projects.

In the mid 90’s, I decided to incorporate faux finishes into my designs. Adding the faux finishes to my designs opened up a world of possibilities. I can now transform your rooms, furniture or even your whole home into the space of your dreams.

I specialize in Venetian plaster, wall and ceiling finishes and painting furniture for my clients. I offer many samples of my work specializing in Faux Effects products. You can view these samples in my portfolio.

If you are considering wallpaper, a faux finish or Venetian Plaster, to bring life to your rooms, I will be delighted to bring my expertise to your project.